October 29, 2012

A Beginning

I am writing so much in my head, especially when I am on my bike, but it has been difficult to sit down, to write down. How to begin?

We have been in Berlin for over a month now, from September to October, and so much has happened: We started Kita, we got sick, we ran to many different Ämter for paperwork, we searched for (and found) an apartment, we worked, we had two dear visitors, we reconnected with old friends, and thrillingly, we already found new ones. How easy it sometimes seems to make friends if you have kids. Kids are such a wonderful bridge.


Time seemed to be running slow this last month. My senses sharpened as I was riding my bike through Berlin; besides its many old, familiar faces, I found myself again and again in parts of the city that I didn't recognize anymore. So many changes everywhere.
And on my daily morning bike rides to Kita, even the familiar can feel brand new. As if I have never seen the change of a season so clearly. The falling leaves, quiet like snow - it seems like I see them tumbling from the sky for the first time. The brilliant colors against a blue sky or a white wall - a fiery red, a cheery orange, tinged edges. This morning, the first frost covering leaves and grass, glittering in the cold sun.  I love to tell Nova about the seasons, and somehow this feels like a first autumn for both of us.

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  1. You found an apartment! Congratulations. Love the feel of this post: and it's true, this was a storybook autumn.


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