August 24, 2012


On our way to our Amondson Family Reunion, we spent two nights in Portland, which has been on my to-see list for while. And how happy I was that we could squeeze in this little city trip: Walking the leavy streets of Irvington, swinging in Mount Tabor Park, browsing through Powell's Books, biking along the waterfront. Eating our way through Hawaiian donuts, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken pot pie, and Swedish lefse at the colorful food trucks gathered at Belmont and 43rd street.

What a happy time it was! We stayed at a little bed and breakfast that turned out to be an urban farm, complete with cats, chicken and goats in the backyard. Nova collected three eggs in the morning and Andrew soft boiled them perfectly for our late breakfast. Then we took the goats Zoe and Bella on a little walk through our neighborhood, them tearing at thorny blackberry bushes and weeds along the sidewalk.

Tierra Soul
4614 N Michigan
Portland, Oregon

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